Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Sorry for not blogging for over a week, mommy usually helps me and she has been busy crocheting a blanket for my brother. She hasn't had a chance to to very many pictures this year. but here are some cute ones that have been taken.

As soon as mommy is done with the blanket, we will take a picture and post her hard work. But before she can finish it, she needs to get more yarn.

Drools & Licks
Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Here are our New Year's Resolutions.
  1. Learn how to open the treat jar on our own.
  2. Plant a garden of catnip out in the yard.
  3. Train our humans to behave better -- we're perfect already!
  4. Register to vote so that we can promote pets' rights.
  5. Schedule longer play dates with our four-legged friends (after all, it's good exercise!).
  6. Reclaim the warmest napping spot from all of the other humans and pets in the house.
  7. Learn to speak human -- or teach them to speak pet!
  8. Finally. Catch. The Laser Light.
  9. Finally. Catch. The Squirrel.
  10. Enjoy a fun 2011 with our pet parents!

    Drools & Licks