Monday, December 20, 2010

Letter From Santa

Letter Says
Dear Bailey,

Rudolph just whispered in my ear that the sleigh is nearly 
packed. He can hardly wait to lead the reindeer with my sleigh
full of toys on our long trip to visit the homes of good boys 
and girls. The elves are busy putting bows and ribbons on the 
last of the presents. 

I just had to take a minute to write to you and tell you that
I am very pleased with the good reports I have received about
you. I see that you have made new friends this year!

The reindeer and I are planning to arrive in Bremerton just after 
midnight to deliver your gifts. Please be sure to hang your
stocking and be in bed early as Christmas is such a busy day!

Well, Mrs. Claus is calling me for dinner, so I have to get going. 
Keep on being a good girl and Merry Christmas to you 
and your family!

Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes!
Santa Claus

1 Comment(s):

Noodles said...

Wow! A personalized letter from the BIG S.C.! I am uber jealous!
Love Noodles