Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vet Appointment

Mommy try's to get pictures of me everyday, but yesterday she has been so busy taking me to the vet then shopping for all the things the vet told her I needed. Mommy said I was costing her money witch made me feel bad, but then she also said that I was worth every penny, so that made me feel better and I gave her kisses.
It turns out that the itching I am always doing is the cause to the fleas, it turns out I am allergic to them, plus I have dry skin, so I have to take benadryl twice a day. I am also supposed to take fish oil once a day, mommy still has to buy that. I am supposed to get a oatmeal bath every 2 weeks, I dread that one. so I guess I will let you know my progress for the itching and what not.

I gotta go and sleep now and I will keep you all updated and in the loop of things the best that I can.


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