Monday, July 8, 2013

A Day at the Beach

Went to the beach today and had a blast, walking around and exploring. Dad through Darcy into the water and mum got upset with him for it, I'm just really happy it wasn't me.

After walking on the beach we went to the dock and they took us below which I hated with a heartbeat and tried to keep myself from walking causing my harness to fall off. Hey I didn't know if dad would have thrown me into the water or not. I was happy when we were safely back on the big dock but even happier when we made it back on land and not above the water.

Then we got on top of a huge rock with dad and had our picture taken, as you can see Chloe and Darcy traded spots so I got stuck with the little runt seeing we were attached to a double leash.
All in all we had a pretty good day and I can't wait for our next family outing. Maybe dad will drive us to a dog park, I just love the dog park.

Drools & Licks

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