Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Been Very Busy

Mommy wants to appoligise for not helping me blog the last few days, she has been extreamly busy spring cleaning and reorganizing around here and she is far from done. seeing as how we live in an apartment we don't have much storage space for anything from food to blankets and towels. So she and daddy went to Costco and bought a more sturdy self for the kitchen and put the one in the kitchen in the laundry area where the washer and dryer would go if we had any. as soon as she is done in there she is going to tackle the closet where her and daddy's clothes go. She is on a roll but at the same time far from done, she will be posting her weekly Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. it will more and likely be a photo of me or she will post a picture of her great work when she is done with one of her tasks.


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Schnauzer Days said...

Hi, glad to have found your blog! Your human sounds like ours, she's been clearing out but said make the most of it - the need to clean doesn't last long! Dexter & Louis x

The Teacher's Pets said...

There's another reason why being a dog is much better than being a human, Bailey, because you don't have to worry about a thing at all! You are lucky to have such industrious humans while you just sit back and relax!

Benny and Lily said...

We don't like spring cleaning cause mom cleans us too
Benny & Lily